Tattoo Removal

A+ Ocean is the first hypertonic sterile saline solution on the market. It is intended to naturally remove or lighten cosmetic and conventional tattoos. This natural solution is made from the finest sea salt available in the world and other all-natural ingredients which are carcinogen free.

This saline removal method utilizes the traditional tattoo machine to tattoo over the targeted removal/lightening area of ink or pigment with the A+ Ocean solution. It then expels the pigment and forces these pigment particles to the skins surface creating a controlled superficial scab. The natural healing process removes or lightens the pigment when the scabs naturally fall off.

A+ Ocean removal or lightening process can take several sessions to achieve the desired outcome. One session may lighten sufficiently, particularly if you are wanting to slightly lighten the tattoo, or to fully remove could take 3-4+ sessions.

The number of sessions needed will depend on what you are trying to achieve. The success of every tattoo lightening or removal session is also dependent upon the colour, size, shape, depth, location and how old the tattoo is.

If you require more information an in-depth Tattoo Removal Information Sheet is available to be emailed upon request, or book in a consult to discuss further.

Consultation 30mins, $40

Full Brow $210 per session

Sections of the brow $180 per session

Body Tattoos $180 – $210 per session – Up to 1 square inch in size per session.