Eyelash Extensions

The length of your appointment determines the number of lashes that can be applied. Whether you are after a more natural or dramatic look; it is determined by the length, shape and thickness of the lash extensions.

The Beauty Extract has many different lengths, shapes and thicknesses to suit everyone’s desired look. Our aim is to provide you with natural looking lashes which won’t jeopardise your eyelash health or cause irritation.

Please give your eyes a good clean the night before to remove all traces of makeup and natural oils and be sure to arrive without mascara or eye makeup. This ensures the lash extensions will bond well and have maximum longevity.

If you do arrive with makeup on your eyes, please note it can take up to 15 minutes for us to thoroughly clean your lashes which means 15 minutes less that we have to apply the lash extensions.

Makeup remover is available should you arrive at your appointment early and wish to remove your makeup in the bathroom.

As this is a very delicate process which takes a great deal of concentration, we ask for your cooperation in minimising conversation during the application. Take this time to relax or even have a sneaky nap!

Please make sure you go the toilet before your appointment. It is also recommended that you wear something warm.


Ratio – one lash extension to one natural eyelash.
2hour 30min Full Set, $230
2hour Full Set, $180
1hour 30mins Full Set, $150
1hour Half Set, $99

With any new set of eyelash extensions, you will receive a lash wand.

A re-lash period greater than 6 weeks after your last appointment or with less than 10 lashes per eye remaining at the time of your appointment, will be priced at a full or half set.

We do not offer re-lash appointments on another technician’s work. A removal session would first be required and then a full set can be applied.

1hour 30mins, $125
1hour 15mins, $95
1hour, $75
45mins, $65
30mins, $50
Eyelash Extension Removal, $40

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